Posted by: annabanana210 | December 31, 2017

Just a Few Thoughts

In my head, I planned a super snarky post about “Decembering.”  Instead, I come today to you with what’s on my heart.

You should be afraid–but not really.

I don’t usually comment on the new year because my personal new year starts soon enough.  But 2017 was a stark contrast to 2016 so I don’t want the year to end without acknowledging a few things.

I love accomplishing goals. Being able to cross a goal off of my list gives me quite the high because I find it very easy to compete with myself.  I hope to remain as thoughtful as I am now, but will try to add mindful into the mix with a sprinkling of attentiveness.

The lows in 2017 were eerily low and the highs were also unmatched.  I’m grateful that I never found myself as low as I was in 2016.  I haven’t become the person I’d like to be, but I’m still climbing.  I learned a lot about myself  in 2017 by reaching out to new people.  As a practicing INFP, I find it hard to reach out to people even though I care very deeply about humanity as a whole.  I do not like feeling vulnerable but this is also something I’m working on as part of my growth. This year, I made friends with two amazing people and I hope that for us it’s just the beginning.  These two people are very different but are alike in one huge way. Neither one of them takes the time to take care of themselves. I empathize with them both on that topic because I know that if I don’t take care of myself, no one will. Plus we ALL know, I take care of myself best, when I finally get around to it.

One of these people is the kindest soul I’ve ever encountered.  She has made me feel so comfortable that I feel like I could try something new if she suggested it — maybe.  She is very intuitive and is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.  She helps me answer my own questions.  Her unconditional encouragement and support have lifted me so high! She can also find something good about even the most miserly asshats, so that’s a quality I adore about her. The only fault I can find in her is her love of snow. She’s the only person I’d want on stage with me, singing backup on ‘My Favorite Mistake,’ and she’s the sister I never knew I wanted but always knew I needed.  I often wish I could be as radiant and hilarious as she makes me out to be.

The other person has been a friend for several years, but has become a closer one this year.  This person has proofread my blog posts that I’ve refused to publish (go figure) and will openly critique any and everything much to my chagrin.  I would probably vomit if I admit how long he has been encouraging to me to return to writing. He is like a living, breathing Encyclopedia with the wit of Data on STNG. I have often joked that I am friends with him because he knows waaaay more songs than I do and that is so true.  This person is also the preeminent authority on music lyrics and truly understands how it is that I think, dream and feel music and lyrics. This person has given me the permission to be myself, even though I don’t need it.  He makes me want to be a better friend but I know I could never be as good a friend to him as he has been to me. He at least makes me want to try.

With all of that being said, I think I’m ready for 2018.  I may bitch the entire time but I’m guessing you’ve already planned for that. I won’t waste your time making resolutions that I have no intention in keeping.

See you on the flip.


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