Posted by: annabanana210 | December 31, 2011

Face the music and dance


I could be more optimistic, but let’s face it–I’m me.

As the last little bit of 2011 circles the drain, I could be reticent and listen to everyone go on and on about how much better 2012 is going to be. But it isn’t. I’ll take the beating for my opinion. I’ve already been told that I’m “letting my hatefulness get the best of me”.

**Rolls eyes, musses hair**

Every morning that you wake up and draw breath, you have the opportunity to change any and everything about yourself. Whatever it is that you’re yearning and burning to change, you can. You can reflect on this any day of the year, not just in December or January. The most reflective and introspective time for me is my birthday. The anniversary of my arrival into this space in time. That 41st day of the year haunts me and is the focal point of my psychosis regarding goals and aspirations and lack thereof.

I’m not judging anyone for buying into the hype of kicking one year to the curb and welcoming the next with open arms. It’s just not how I roll.

By all means–Please don’t stop the music.

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