Posted by: annabanana210 | December 29, 2010


It seems as though last year, my personal life was in shambles, but I had a great job.  Now those two aspects of my life have switched on me.  My personal life has surpassed my expectations but my career is lagging in the distance.  I have spent a lot of time worrying about it and even more time trying to improve it, but alas–it’s still a mess. I’ve come to realize that it will get fixed but not by my design.

Usually, when I get to feeling a certain way about something I withdraw.  I haven’t spent any real-time at home since Easter.  When I went home for Family Reunion, I was only there for twelve hours before we left for the Magnolia State and from Mississippi I went back to DC.  I stayed here for Thanksgiving, and I did work the weekend after.  I was hesitant to plan to travel home for Christmas because my work schedule could be just as variable.  But my Daddy said he’d get me a ticket, and I looked into it.  We decided not to tell Momma.  I found a ticket on Expedia for two direct flights (nice!) and booked that bad boy!

The week went fairly well and Christmas Eve arrived.  I called my Dad and asked him to charge his phone so I could talk with him as I made progress in my flight.  We discussed where and when he would pick me up.  All systems were a-go.  It was very hard to keep it from my Mom.  We speak on the phone two or three times a day.  It was especially hard when she went to the post office to mail a package for me and me and my Dad didn’t want to stop her for fear that she would suspect something.

Christmas came and there was light snow at home, but sparse flurries here.  Got on the plane and departed.  Landed a little late, but Daddy was there when I walked outside.  It was awesome to see him! So many times in my adult life I am transported back to being a small child, enamored with my parents, missing them so.  I got in the car and we wasted no time discussing the plan of action.  He’d told Mom that he went to Walgreens and then when it took longer than he thought, he said he gave one of my classmate’s brother a ride home.  I was impressed by that scenario but freaked out as I we got on 64 from the Innerbelt.  My mother texted me (which she never does), asking where I was!!!!! Hoping that no one had ruined the surprise, I said that I was with two friends in DC.  She texted back and said, ‘Okay’ and that ‘texting was fun’.  Sure it is, when you’re not trying to pull off a surprise! Nervewracked!!

We pulled onto our street, and the blinds were mostly closed.  It was dark anyway.  I went inside first.  Momma just turned her head slightly to the left and said, “So how is it outside?”.  I walked closer and then she turned around in her chair.  “OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!” I walked over to her and hugged her and she whispered, “This is the best present!” and she hugged me tightly and we both started to cry.

It was the best gift I’ve ever given, and it was totally priceless.



  1. what a great story….it touches on the meaning of family and the holidays….spending time with the ones you love and giving the gift of sharing yourself with them…that IS the best present!

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