Posted by: annabanana210 | October 18, 2010

Coffee talk follow-up

Today on my walk, I stopped in at one of the four Starbucks in Dupont Circle.  I ordered a Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade with Black Sweetened Iced Tea.  I could have sworn that the cashier repeated that back to me and I repeated back to him once more.  However, a Passion Iced Tea Lemonade came up for me.  I said to the barista, “Oooh, I said Black Sweetened…,” but I was prepared to just take the one he made.  He insisted that he make me what I ordered and not only did he do that, he made me a Venti.  He also gave me the Passion tea to give to someone else.

It’s amazing that no one would take that Passion iced tea. But I’m about 85% sure that I wouldn’t either unless I had been in the store when it was made.  Nevertheless, I asked the young guy at the corner and he was genuinely grateful to relieve me of the Passion tea.  It was his favorite.  I finally felt like I did something productive today.  Walking four miles doesn’t count.

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