Posted by: annabanana210 | October 15, 2010

Coffee Talk

Here–I’ll give you a topic!

I actually had to stop and think about it after I read it.  I am a Registered Nurse. If you took away my ability to multitask…I still might be finishing up my night shift from two or three nights ago.  How does Starbucks weigh into your coffee experience?  Better yet, what qualifies as “good coffee talk”? I can’t remember when I first fell in love with all things coffee, but it was definitely before graduating high school.  I would drink coffee at my Grandmother’s house. My parents never owned a coffee maker, so I never learned how to make it.  I would drink it at Grammie’s house, straight from the percolator.

At college, I forged a friendship based on coffee.  Once a week, Jamie and I would venture out through Columbia to have a cup of coffee and discuss the goings-on of our first year of undergrad.  My favorite place to have coffee in CoMo is Lakota. So much attention was paid to my coffee at Lakota.  My latte was always perfect and too-hot-to-consume upon its arrival.

I really had little exposure to Starbucks until after graduating. I’m not sure when they started sprouting up in St. Louis.  Every once in a while, I might grab a frappuccino or iced tea drink.  Soon, “every once in a while” turned into Gingerbread Lattes during the Holiday season.  What finally hooked me in…the Caramel Macchiato.  See, I had one person make one that I really liked.  Then the next time I ordered it, it was bitter, lukewarm and terrible.  I’ve spent the rest of my time at Starbucks chasing that first Caramel Macchiato.  The “tall skim Caramel Macchiato” has become my regular, although sometimes “upside down”, it’s definitely my go-to way to start my morning. A quick fix to nip the bitchy in the bud.

It was hard to really think about how to appreciate my coffee until I moved to DC.  Once I moved to DC and began to experience coffee in a coffeehouse and not as I experience McDonald’s, I began to remember what I loved about good coffee in the first place. The taste, the texture, and the temperature.  A little attention to detail never ruined anything except a heterosexual relationship (be honest)!!!

If I’m in a hurry and I just have to have it, I’ll go to Starbucks.  If I’m trying to close my eyes and see the flavor, I’ll go to Tryst.  Besides, they serve animal crackers with their coffee, lol. What qualifies as good coffee talk to you?

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