Posted by: annabanana210 | October 12, 2010

Sometimes in October…

August is hot.  Labor Day is barely tolerable.  The weekend after Labor Day is one of the loveliest times of the year.  I try to make sure to have that time off.  The stifling heat relents and you just wanna grab a carafe of bellinis and sit out and enjoy  😉 So, after your hangover, you find yourself in October.  The first week of October is sibling to the first week of April; frigid, rainy and gloomy.  Once you get all of your summer clothes washed and ready to pack away…back to the heat for one more rendezvous.

I’ve never been one to celebrate Columbus Day, because I am appalled that people get the day off to celebrate someone discovering something that was already found.  So I ventured out, looking for my own discoveries.  What I found, you may be surprised….

1) You’re not the only one with a good idea.

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is somewhat of a hidden gem in DC.  I don’t know how it can be hidden if you ever drive down 7th St NW/SW in daylight, but sometimes it’s one of the most overlooked destinations in the District.  Not to be confused with my “hiding place”, this is often my “quiet place” during the week where the water in the fountain can ebb and flow with the up and down of my moods.  I honestly don’t know how much longer it can suffice as a quiet place seeing as how children don’t go to school anymore (a topic to be discussed at a later date), and…

2) It’s obviously everyone else’s “quiet place”!!

And if you know me, you know it’s oxymoronic to think that my “quiet place” can be the same as everyone elses. Get real! And get thee and your dirty-ass feet outta that water! Ewww!!

3) Take the time to stop and feel the breeze off the fountain…you’ll appreciate it when you’re sweating your ass off walking to L’Enfant Plaza (“Green Line–Step back, doors closing…*boinga-boinga*).  Feeling the cool mist sweep your back on a hot day is one of the finer, underrated moments in life, *sighing*.

The last thing I discovered on Columbus Day is something I have to be reminded of time and time again: home is where the heart is.  My heart gets great exercise because it’s always somewhere different, but well taken care of. My heart is so well-traveled and so are the inner workings of my mind, so I’m shutting the latter down.

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